Blocky Fun!

Play Minecraft together on our Server! Ask on Teamspeak for an slot on the Whitelist.

Find the Traitor!

Play Garrys Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town on our servers, Find the Traitor or kill all the others.

Just Chaos!

Destroy everything on our Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Server!

Build Techy things!

Let your Fantasy flow, and build Machines nobody buildt before on our Minecraft Feed The Beast Server.

Hi, welcome to Nirunetwork!

Nirunetwork is an idea, the admins of Kokani came on with at the dawn of 2014.
Most of the former admins of Kokani were inactive or not insterested in gaming
anymore, so we decided It was the time for a new Name and With this new Name, we renovated the Site and Servers of Kokani.
Also we opened a few more of our Servers to the Public.
Now you can Join our new TTT and JCMP Server.
Also we created an new open Steam group everyone is invited to join:

Feel free to browse through our various Gameservers or look through our Forums, like us on our Social pages or watch our Videos over on youtube!

Have much fun on our Site,

-The Admins

Battlefield 3 Platoon

We have been playing a lot Battlefield 3 the past 2 or 3 weeks. Now i have created a Platoon you all are welcomed to...

Battlefield 2 Server online!

Our Battlefield 2 Server is now Online, and ready for you to Join! If you want to say us your opinion about our Server, feel...